MYLadyboyDate – The Full Test and Review

It would be hard to make us believe that it was chance that led you to reading this article devoted to testing a website specializing in dating ladyboys, or « khatoey » or « katoi », as they are called in Thailand.

Trust us, you’ve come to the right place! is the ultimate website for dating Thai transsexuals. It’s a unique website because its purpose is to bring together men and ladyboys who are looking for long-term relationships, unlike many other specialized websites.

On this website, everything is done to exclude fake profiles and other scams. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make casual encounters on this website, but they may be more serious than on websites specifically aimed at short-lived affairs. is definitely a reliable site. Many people consider it to be the best of its kind. To convince you, we tested it and here are our results.

But first, a few words about the MyLadyboyDate’s story

PICTURE was created in 2013 by Cyril Mazur. This website has an international dimension. Its head office is based in the Philippines, and apart from its creator, the entire team that manages it is made up of transsexuals.

This website instantly had a huge success, so its creator decided to launch a second one, dedicated to western transsexual encounters,, which also quickly became very popular.

To check it out, click here.

As we said earlier, is a dating website dedicated to dating transsexuals all over the world. You can use it wherever you are to meet ladyboys, maybe even close to where you live.

« Transgender people also have the right to quality encounters » is the motto of the creator of, which probably explains the special care taken to check all the profiles. Users can be confident that the people they interact with are real people.

Let’s move on to the test results!

Myladyboydate’s intuitive interface

PICTURE is compatible with almost all browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), the language of its interface depends on where you connect, if you are in France, it will be in French.

It’s nice to see that the French version is of very good quality, which is far from being the case for many other websites that only use automatic page translation.

However, if the page is not displayed in French, you can always select the French version of the website at the bottom left of the home page.

You can also create an account and start your registration on this home page.

Signing up on the website is completely free

You’re on the home page and since you’ re new, you’re offered to register, either by using your Facebook account, or by using your email address (when you come back, you’ll click on the blue Login button in the top right corner of this page).

We suggest that you do not use your Facebook account credentials, not because we don’t trust the website, but rather because we are concerned about the potential use of personal information that may be made public on this social network (about your use of the website for example).

The rest of the registration is quite standard. You are asked to enter your first name, you can choose a nickname if you prefer, your date of birth, your gender, your country, a valid e-mail address that will allow you to check and activate your account, and a password, that’s all. Why make things complicated when you can make them simple? This website gets it right.

Your profile

Once you’re registered on the website, you will be asked to describe yourself (profile) and to specify the type of encounters you would like to do. We recommend that you be as honest as possible to find out if the website is right for you. A profile is made up of :

  • At least one recent photo of you (you are not required to upload one immediately. Close the window at the top right, to get rid of this step).
  • Honest answers to a simple questionnaire that will help visitors better perceive you.
  • A short pitch: a few lines about you and what you’re looking for (we recommend you write this part in English).
  • A description of the type of person and meeting you are looking for. Please note: if you are looking for a booty call, you will not find this option in the menu of

Be aware that a complete profile will save you a lot of time. Uploading a picture is also very important. You prefer to click on profiles with pictures, right? So do the same.

Doing your first search


You will soon realize that everything has been designed to simplify your search.

A quick search system is available. You only need one click to access new profiles, or one click to see all the profiles of members that are connected (everything is accessed on the left side of your screen). The « profile search » tab opens a very complete questionnaire to refine your search for the ideal profile.

You will quickly notice that some profiles have a green, orange or grey circle in front of their username.

  • Profiles with a green circle means that they are online.
  • Profiles with an orange circle means they just logged out.
  • Profiles with a grey circle means they are not connected, but have recently logged in. You can view their last activity by clicking on the profile.

Please note: one of the main strength of the website is its hunt for fake profiles. Indeed, you will also notice that some profiles have a green « VERIFIED » badge.

This means that when they signed up, they attached an ID. This means you are communicating with a real person, not a troll.

Let’s go back to our research. Still in the left screen, you will specify your search criteria. These include:

  • Place of residence.
  • Age, height…
  • Civil status (single, married, etc.)
  • Looks
  • Sexual role
  • Whether they have had surgery, are in transition, or are unwilling or unable to have surgery.
  • What they like (from cooking, to the type of meetings they want).
  • Etc.

By clicking on « search », the profiles matching your criteria will be displayed. You will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised, not only by the quantity of profiles, but also by their quality.

Most of them are complete. Of course, they are usually written in English. Why in English? Even if you can get in touch with ladyboys near you, the vast majority of the ladyboys signed up on this website live in Thailand, or elsewhere, and speak English.

Be aware that the profile you are interested in is a reflection of the time and effort they put into completing their profile. The more complete it is, the more confident you can be. Think about that when you create your own.

Don’t forget either that if you can legitimately be suspicious of people who hide behind profiles on a dating website, the same goes for people towards you. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes!

When you browse through the website, you will discover many nice features. Here are some of them:

  • Adding your favorite ladyboy by clicking on the little red heart. You can select several profiles that you can revisit later. You can also find out which ladyboys have added you to their favorites.
  • If you click on the little eye icon in the top right-hand corner, next to the envelope that informs you that you received a message, you can see how many people have viewed your profile and who has viewed it.
  • You can also block or unblock profiles as well as report them. These are the kinds of features that help maintain the credibility, reliability and seriousness of this website.
  • Etc.

On the other hand, just like other serious dating websites, if you want to go further and get in touch with a ladyboy (or read the messages you receive), you will have to pay a subscription.

The subscription is a good way to make the website safe and reliable.

The subscription is the only way to ensure that members are serious. With a subscription, you will be able to communicate and have access to all the features of the website. The rates are very reasonable compared to other dating websites of the same kind.

Like most dating websites, the longer the subscription, the lower the monthly fee. It all depends on how you use it.

The annual subscription (2019 rates) is €114 (€9.50 per month), the quarterly rate is €56.70 (€18.90 per month) and the monthly rate is €24.90. You can pay for it with all common payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.) or, more originally, in crypto currency.

Of course, the payment page is a secure page.

You will not take any risks.

Moreover, and this should be emphasized, subscriptions are not automatically renewed at each expiration date. The website doesn’t keep any payment or personal data related to the payment of the subscription.

Other things we like

We were seduced by the simplicity of this website. It also includes a very detailed help/FAQ section and a clear and accessible contact form in French.

We also appreciated the blog articles dedicated to transsexual encounters, with ladyboys in particular. There is even one specially dedicated to ladyboy encounters in France.

A last section that is rarely found on other websites is one called « Belles histoires » (Beautiful stories). This page features testimonials of those who met thanks to

Things we don’t like so much

Perhaps one thing we can complain about on the MyLadyBoy website is that it wants to « specialize » in Asian transsexuals. However, you will notice that many transsexuals who are signed up are all over, especially when you make a research in France.

This is certainly linked to the fact that they register on both MyTransexualDate and MyLadyBoyDate to increase their chances of meeting someone. Who knows? Perhaps you will have a crush for a western transsexual?

Either way, we’re willing to bet that you’ll find the right fit among the 100,000 registered members!

So, are you convinced?

The objective of the founders (and foundresses) was to create a website that was not confusing or associated with prostitution or pornography websites. Well, we can assure you that they have more than met their goal.

There is no doubt that this website is not only serious in its presentation, but also in its use. You can sign up without fear.

Moreover, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. You can sign up in a few clicks and have access to many features.

And if you take out a subscription, you will only need three or four more minutes to send your first message.

So whether you want to find a one-night stand or the one to share your life with, don’t hesitate to sign up.